The Cloud Quiz

Every Friday by Off-by-noneJune 14, 2024

There's a lot happening in cloud every week! Take our quiz to see how well you've kept up with the latest cloud news.

# 1
What new feature is coming to Apple's devices "that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac," enabling new capabilities across Apple’s native apps, such as the ability to generate images or summarize text?
# 2
After Apple announced its new partnership with OpenAI, what did Elon Musk say he would require all of his employees with iPhones to do?
# 3
After the introduction of fractional OpenSearch Compute Units (OCUs), what is the new minimum number of OCUs required for a highly-available production deployment in Amazon OpenSearch Serverless?
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# 4
Which company has issued a software recall for all 672 of its Jaguar I-Pace robotaxis after one of them collided with a telephone pole?
# 5
The Danish Press Publications’ Collective Management Organization (DPCMO) is threatening to sue what company over the use of their content in training models?
# 6
What new property has AWS CloudFormation introduced for custom resources to help accelerate dev-test cycles?
# 7
Which two tech giants are required to allow access to third-party app stores and payment providers under Japan's new law? (Select 2)