The Cloud Quiz

Every Friday by Off-by-noneMay 31, 2024

There's a lot happening in cloud every week! Take our quiz to see how well you've kept up with the latest cloud news.

# 1
Elon Musk's latest AI startup, xAI, has recently raised how much funding?
# 2
What new feature did Amazon Bedrock release that simplifies managing multi-turn conversations?
# 3
Cloudflare's new AI Gateway is now generally available. What is it?
# 4
Which AWS service now supports asynchronous Lambda function invocations?
# 5
Which company, founded by Edo Liberty, the former head of Amazon’s AI Labs, has recently launched its serverless vector database out of preview?
# 6
According to a recent X post from Paul Graham, who did he clarify was NOT fired as the president of Y Combinator?
# 7
Which of the following major tech companies reported lower than expected revenue for the first time since 2006, causing stocks to plummet?