The Cloud Quiz

Every Friday by Off-by-noneMay 10, 2024

There's a lot happening in cloud every week! Take our quiz to see how well you've kept up with the latest cloud news.

# 1
Apple received major backlash over a recent ad that depicts a tower of creative tools and analog items being crushed to form what product?
# 2
AWS Amplify Gen 2, recently made GA, provides a code-first developer experience for building full-stack apps using what language?
# 3
Which social media company filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over a new law that could ban their app?
# 4
What new feature was recently introduced for Amazon DynamoDB on-demand tables?
# 5
The Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) organization recently complained to EU antitrust regulators about which cloud provider's practices?
# 6
What new offering from Amazon (currently in Preview) is designed to provide a way for developers across an organization to collaborate and build generative AI applications?
# 7
According to a recently leaked deck, which company is pitching a "Preferred Publisher Program" that will let its users more easily discover and engage with publishers’ brands and content?