The Cloud Quiz

Every Friday by Off-by-noneMay 3, 2024

There's a lot happening in cloud every week! Take our quiz to see how well you've kept up with the latest cloud news.

# 1
Which AWS service was the subject of a recent incident where an open source tool inadvertently caused over 100 million PUT requests and $1,300 in charges in a single day?
# 2
AWS continues to roll out Amazon Bedrock to additional AWS regions. Which region was it made available in as of May 2, 2024?
# 3
At a recent event, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said he doesn't care "Whether we burn 500 million a year, or 5 billion, or 50 billion a year" so long as they're on a trajectory to making artificial general intelligence (AGI). How much money did OpenAI spend last year on developing their AI technology?
# 4
AWS recently announced the preview of Amazon Q Apps. How can users build apps with this new service?
# 5
Which news outlets are currently suing ChatGPT parent OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement?
# 6
Which technology did Microsoft recently reaffirm a ban that prohibits U.S. police departments from enhancing it with generative AI using the Azure OpenAI Service?
# 7
What new service has AWS recently made generally available that "reimagines your experience across the entire software development lifecycle"?