The Cloud Quiz

Every Friday by Off-by-noneApril 26, 2024

There's a lot happening in cloud every week! Take our quiz to see how well you've kept up with the latest cloud news.

# 1
What company is acquiring HashiCorp, the creators of Terraform, for $6.4 billion?
# 2
The FTC announced a new rule banning noncompetes. What percentage of US workers are estimated to be subject to a noncompete?
# 3
Which company is planning to invest $11 billion to build a new data center in Indiana?
# 4
Google Cloud reported a significant increase in revenue for Q1 2024. What was the percentage increase compared to the previous year?
# 5
Which company recently signed a $1.1 billion deal with Microsoft for Azure cloud services and AI technology?
# 6
Which two new Meta Llama 3 models are now available in Amazon Bedrock? (Select 2)
# 7
Which AI company, that's closing a $6B funding deal, does Elon Musk's social media platform, X, currently have a stake in?